Creating a school program for absolute FPV Beginners

Hey Guys!

First of all, Happy New Year :D!
January the 14th marked the date of the first “Beta” lessons of the newly founded school Dracer. The idea behind it is simple: at the beginning, the people who are on the verge of joining the hobby need a last push so they actually enter it. People with interest but no idea how to start or where to look. People that think the videos of all the pilots around the world look amazing and want to more know about them. In the long run, we want to have categories of expertise and also technical courses. I mean, what the hell is all that TXRXESCFCOSDLIPO stuff.

Now, with the first class of 30 completed, we can proudly announce that the result was amazing! People were laughing, happy at the end, asking questions, following up and most importantly, hooked. This has worked so much better than anticipated, but of course, we hit a few bumpers so I’ll try to write them down for future reference and other people to see. There is really is much to learn!

Having fun =D

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Review: ZTW Flash 30A Blheli_s ESC – DSHOT compatible!

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Hey Guys!

ztw2I have received the ZTW Flash 30A Escs for testing purposes. Thank you for providing them!

They are installed on my new main rig, the ImpulseRC Helix – the rig I used to fly at the DroneWorlds World championship and the International Competition in Korea. Coming from KISS ESCs, I obviously had my doubts but after flying this quad for a while now, I can say that the ZTWs are super smooth and I d
on’t have to worry about anything!

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My first achievement in quad racing!

Hi Everyone!

So, this super exciting event took place. For the first time, I went to an organized race.

Thank you Coptermonkey.chand for this amazing experience! Thank you Highflyer for taking me with you =)!

Everyone was super nice, people were happy and we had a lot of stuff to exchange. Many ideas came out of this event and I have experienced a whole new facet of this new sport.

I apologize in advance for the wall of text! =)

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