Docker Swarm Overlay Encryption

Hi Guys!

I have set up a Docker Swarm cluster on the new Hetzner Cloud. First things first – the Hetzner Cloud is really amazing: Super simple, super cheap and performs as expected. It is not a bloated cloud provider that has 100x services and features that you can use for your servers, this keeps the costs and complexity down – I am really a big fan of it.

Now to the topic: Because the feature-set is simple, the Hetzner Cloud does not provide private networking (yet!). With only public IP addresses, we need to secure the overlay traffic between our docker containers!

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Portainer with Traefik as reverse proxy

Hi All!

I have not written a blog post for a while! Many things went by and I had many projects and even a new job. For quite a while I’ve started to become interested in Docker since my new job requires a daily usage.

Personally I use Docker Swarm. It is simple to use, the compose files are easy to read and it’s simple to manage a small cluster for personal projects and applications. I want to go into my setup in another blog post at another date but for now, let’s discuss the latest release of Portainer, a web interface to manage your swarm cluster!

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