Review: ZTW Flash 30A Blheli_s ESC – DSHOT compatible!

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Hey Guys!

ztw2I have received the ZTW Flash 30A Escs for testing purposes. Thank you for providing them!

They are installed on my new main rig, the ImpulseRC Helix – the rig I used to fly at the DroneWorlds World championship and the International Competition in Korea. Coming from KISS ESCs, I obviously had my doubts but after flying this quad for a while now, I can say that the ZTWs are super smooth and I d
on’t have to worry about anything!

ESC Details:
  • Silabs EFM8BB21F16 MCU
  • Rated for 2s-4s
  • Size: 17 x 31mm
  • 30A continuous current
  • 40A burst current ( 10 seconds)
  • 17.50 CHF/piece



Coming from KISS, I am already used to butter smooth throttle response, so I was really happy to see that the ZTW were head on in that regard. Super smooth response, just like I am used to!  I don’t run any bench tests as I don’t believe they deliver the same data as actual flying. Using the XNOVA 2205/2300Kv with the new DAL Cyclone, thrust levels were amazing and the flow in the air was super locked in – I can really say that the ESCs are holding up really well!


Video flying in a race setup, Betaflight with Multishot.

Future proof?

So far these ESCs were able to handle DSHOT600 pretty well with the A_H_20 package, I didn’t notice anything that was feeling off! Only thing that could be better is the quality of the cables that are delivered with it. Though, if you don’t like it, just change them yourself, it’s really not that hard.


+ Good price!
+ Smooth throttle response
+ DSHOT compatible without modification
+ relative low profile

– Cables seem of a bit lower quality
– Board looks rather thin, had no breakage yet though!

So far, they held through many events without a fire, from DroneWorlds in Hawaii to the International Drone Competition in Korea. I can definitely recommend them! If you want to run DSHOT I would still hold off a little bit though! There is still a lot of movement and new updates coming weekly =)

This is one of my first written reviews, I would love to hear any criticism and what I could do better of if you simply liked it!


See you in the air!

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