Looking back at the DSA DroneWorlds

Please note that this post is my personal opinion and experience. I’ve written this Blog before the Ibiza post because of the urgency.

Hello Guys

The World Cup of FPV quad racing, wing racing and actually many other disciplines happened.

The look is amazing. I mean, you arrive in Hawaii blown away by the scenery. You start meeting people from all over the world, people you only saw in videos, people you only talked to through forums. There has been a small wake up call already when arriving at the event location. It seemed so small, just a hand full of sponsors have a tent, very little food and most of all, close to no information. While at least communication worked just tiny bits better than in Ibiza, this event has been a disaster on a whole different level – but later more, you will see why I mean that.

First of all, when I qualified at the Swiss Drone Nationals, I had a lot of pride in myself winning a qualification for Ibiza and the DroneWorlds. I thought that I am starting to get better!

I was struggling because flying over to Hawaii is a very huge commitment, one where I had to clean up most of my savings I’ve made. Ibiza was close, so this wasn’t this big of a hit. Everything together, I’ve decided that it is worth it going to those two events, I’ve decided that this is an experience worth of spending thousands of my saving.

I knew from the very beginning that I will not be in the very top and Shaun Tylor showed with Luke Bannister that I am far away from that kind of flying. Nonetheless I was drawn into this, trying to compete, having fun and compete – feel the adrenalin flowing before a race, feel the disappointment in crashing, feel the rush of victory when completing with a good time.

I felt that in Ibiza at the ERSA Euro Cup. DroneWorlds was a whole different story.

First day of competition

While it is known that you usually don’t fly to many packs at a racing event, DroneWorlds was hilarious in that regard. My 3rd day on the Island was the start of the competition. We got sorted into groups A and B and each of the group raced another track. I was sorted into group A and flew the large Main track (Group B had the small technical track). Best 3 laps on each track would be the end result and the times for qualifications.

We now got the information that every lap you make counts towards finals qualification, from the very start. No test rounds, no staggered start, nothing. We were promised 5 (or 6 ? I don’t exactly remember anymore) rounds of flying on each track.

When we finished 3 rounds of flying the day was over for us. Because Group B on the small track has been a disaster, they’ve decided to entirely scrap the idea of the small track on the very first day already.

Happy with my 3 completed rounds, with a good time I went to bed thinking that on the next day I was able to start pushing more and more.

This never happened.

Day two of competition

Arriving at the track, Group B was working on the large track because they obviously needed the times. I arrived there, hoping to fly at least 1 Qualification round more. But everything was starting to fall apart from there. I wasn’t able to fly more today. With only 32 Pilots going over to the Finals, I am basically done before I really started.

Freestyle is also in chaos, nobody knew how they are being rated, how and when to fly, if they actually are allowed to attend and so on. I am not even starting with our poor friends the Wing Pilots.

Day three of competition

Notice how fast the last day was over? There is literally nothing more to tell.

Today, everything was rushed, nobody knew what to do. Country team race? When? Who? Sponsored Team Race? What? Am I actually Qualified? What are my times? All these questions were unanswered until the very minute before those things happened. Some are still unanswered for I have no idea what my ranking is. Some of the Australian guys  that were qualified the day before, suddenly disappeared off the list of qualified pilots!

I saw Shaun Tylor winning, and man you are a great pilot. You fly so amazing I have nothing to say! Congratulations =)

After his winning race, I left. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I felt empty, the last three days being wasted.


I came over to Hawaii for competing at the World Championship of drone racing. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to get here, to prepare for it, to work towards it, long hours of fixing and building quads to be ready. It was a 25 hours journey that I had to endure and will endure again.

I’ve flown three packs over the whole duration of the event. I’ve spent all that money and all of my dedication for three packs!

I am not the only one, but they can tell the story them self as everyone has their own story and own view of what happened here. I feel sorry for all the pilots investing their dedication of the hobby into this.

I will not attend any event organized by the DSA again until something drastically changes in how they treat their pilots!

Happy side

I thank all the pilots I’ve met, this is for me the only reason this journey hasn’t been horrible and a waste of money.

  • Team Colombia, man you guys saved my ass! Thank you guys you guys are amazing!
  • Team Ukraine, I had an amazing time with you, you rock and keep doing what you do! I hope to visit you guys soon!
  • Team Canada, you guys are so cool! Love your mood =D
  • Team Australia, you guys are super chill! I am sorry for what happened with the system but know that we all know you guys are top!
  • Yutaro, man you are a cool guy, I really hope to fly with you soon! GO JAPAN! KAMPAAAAAI
  • Andrjez, thank you for taking me off that horrible event and flying, it was really cool!
  • Honorio and the locals, you guys are amazing people and I would love to come and fly with you again. You are living in FPV Paradise =D
  • ImpulseRC, finally being able to meet you guys was amazing. I love your products! It was cool chatting with you guys, I can clearly see you put a lot of effort and passion into your products!

Last but not least, thank you team Switzerland, you guys are amazing and I am sure we will have fun the rest of the week here. Luckily, we can now relax on Hawaii and see it without the pressure of this massive disaster.

I can’t mention everybody and I am sorry if I forgot someone. I had a great time meeting all the pilots of the world and I am Happy I was able to talk to so many of you! I look forward to fly with all of you guys under better circumstances!

See you in the air again!

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