Lesson Learned

Hi fellow Pilots!

So, I think everyone will have a time where he will learn a lesson prayed by others the hard way. I just had one of those moments.

WARNING: This post contains mild cut & some blood

I just recently started launching my quad directly from my hand (And wow, just written like that it already doesn’t sound like a very good idea). It saves time, it looks cool. Now, after a broken prop, I was in a hurry to replace it of course. Wanting to race as soon as possible again, I made the mistake of switching the CW prop with a CCW prop.

Now, I guess you can imagine how a wrong prop and starting from hand has ended:


A nice propcut. I was very lucky to not have any bigger wound from this nice action. Hopefully, some people will read it and take some of the advice seriously:

  • Safety always goes first, no matter what!
  • Before you attach Props, attach it to the battery and check if everything is nominal.
    You don’t want your build to suddenly arm, flip, build up speed or anything that is not normal.
  • Does failsafe work? Arm the quad and turn off your Radio.
  • When you attach Props, check twice or thrice that they all go the right direction!
  • Once attached, do a pre-flight test in safe distance:
    • Arm the quad, does it arm?
    • Does the Beeper work?
    • Add a little thrust and see if it works fine.
    • Check VTX and VRX connectivity
  • Never ever power your quad when someone is already flying and you didn’t do a channel match before hand. You don’t want anyone injured because of that!

I hope this helps some people, for I have definitely learned my lesson.


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