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Hi VR enthusiasts!

So, it is well known that more and more film studios are looking into VR business, while for example Oculus VR already has its very own studio called Storystudio. Legendary Pictures just announced on ComicCon 2015 a partnership with Google and created Legendary VR, a studio focusing on Virtual Reality experiences!

They did not only announce it, they also released their very own Google Cardboard simply called “Legendary VR”. They plan to distribute over 50’000 Google Cardboards during the duration of ComicCon:

Legendary Cardboard

The Google Cardboard Legendary VR is giving out at ComicCon

You can download the for iOS and Android, just follow these links:


Pacific Rim Demo

This quick scenery shows you as the left side of a Jaeger! You start inside the giant machine and the linking of both pilots is being played. Soon, you start fighting the giants. You really get the feeling of being in control of the massive Jaeger.

One aspect of this demo that I personally thing is great, is the encounter of fear. While presence still is kinda hard to achieve with the Google Cardboard, the fear element brought by the Pacific Rim demo is great: Sadly, you fail as the Jaeger Pilot and your partner is getting killed by the process. The final moment is the Kaiju staring and about to eat you. This is where the fear kicks in! Overall, great demo with very nice visuals!

Pacific Rim cockpit

You are the left pilot in the demo. Fight on!

Beware – Crimson Peak

I have to say, my tolerance to horror games and anything near that genre is not good. I was not able to finish the demo.

So yeah, as my state during the demo wasn’t really good and I had major fear issues, I can’t really tell you much of it – I actually just remember slowly entering the house. One thing though: It is good, because I actually was afraid by it!


Said house in the background: Scary!


The Skies of Azeroth

Last but not least: Parts of the Warcraft movie are now available as VR demo! As someone who has played Warcraft and World of Warcraft, the scenery was quickly recognized and beautiful!

On the back of a gryphon, you fly over Stormwind, capital of the alliance

On the back of a gryphon, you fly over Stormwind, capital of the alliance

It was more of a shorter experience, though a great one! You fly on the back of a gryphon over the city of Stormwind. You have several encounters with other gryphon riders but the main attraction simply is the scenery: A very beautiful and realistic Stormwind with all it’s places of interest.


I am very excited for the future of VR, because if this is only the start things are going to have a massive impact. Hopefully, these Demos will be available for my Oculus Rift Dk2, or the consumer Rift once it is available.

So let’s see what the future brings!

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