FPV Acrobatics and Racing!

Hey People!

Sorry for not posting for a long time! I had a very busy time, new job, new year, new hobby!

I started to get interested in flying a quad copter for some time now, and about 6 Months ago, I started to build my very first Acro/Race frame. It was the ZMR250v2 from FPVModel.com with Cobra 2204/2330kv motors and DYS 20A BLheli ESCs. I used a a SPF3Racing Flight controller, which I like though I soon had issues with the USB port not working properly.

Now, some month later, I bit the bullet and bought parts for my new frame, a frame to get serious: The ImpulseRC Alien 5″!
Soon, I will post a build log about how I built it and with pictures =) My first impression is that it is a very, very clean Frame and the parts bought for it are excellent! I hope to join the Swiss National Championship with this frame, even if I probably won’t win because there are far better pilots out there than I am.

What is Quad racing/acrobatics or FPV?

For those that don’t know what that hobby is, let my try to explain it here:

Imagine you are a Pod-racer from Star Wars, instead of this vehicle you fly your multicopter! You have obstacles like AirGates, trees and need to be fast at the same time. You control your copter with a remote and see with FPV gear.

FPV gear allows you to feel like you are piloting the quad, sitting in its cockpit to fly it. Most of the time, racers and acrobatics use so called FPV Goggles:

Dominator V3

Fatshark Dominator v3


I want to give you an example of what each discipline looks like that I like to do the most: racing and acrobatics!


Flipping and rolling, impressive stunts and beautiful to watch and execute. This video shows you what art in the sky looks like.


If you race, you have track, you go as fast as possible, cutting it so close to a crash but still making it through. Being the fastest counts! This video shows you how to crash, what the pod racing feeling is.

Ending Note

To finish this up, I can recommend to anyone to look into this new trend sport. It is super fun to fly and probably the closest for me for ever being able to fly.

I will also soon post my build log for my now Frame the Alien 5″, maybe a nostalgic post about my ZMR250 as well. If there are any questions, just ask =)


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