Arrival Japan – Adventure Start!

Hi Guys!

So, the time has come and I have arrived in Japan. I took the Narita Express to my place to stay and thus the adventure starts! I am very tired as I haven’t slept so far but enough hyped up to write about japan.

First steps in a very different world

After a quick nap and shower – which was definitely required due the about 16 hour flight via Istambul – I went to eat Ramen at the local Ramen restaurant right next to Aomono-Yokochō (青物横丁駅).

Makoto House (まこと家)

This is one of the best ramen I’ve ever had (Not that I had many…) so I really wanted to tell you about this place. It looks kinda run down, very local, and also kinda like a place that everybody knows everybody. Funny enough – conversations die off when I enter the restaurant, probably due to my western look. Still, I often go to this place when I’m hungry. Its not fancy, they don’t polish, they only serve good ramen. Which makes this place really awesome! Anyways – here are some Pictures:

Restaurant Outside

Makoto House from Outside. Nothing fancy, simple entrance.

Extra Meat!

ChyaSu Ramen (チャーシューラーメン)! Basically Ramen with extra meat (ChyaSu)

So for the first day, I recommend this place! Should you be around, definitely visit them. They also have a homepage, completely in Japanese though.

A small walk

After eating, I often like to take a smaller walk just to process the food better. Japan is in my opinion one of the best places to do that! There are so many things you can discover and see that you just won’t stop looking around.

I also had my first mayor “Japanese use of English” smile:

The Telephones

Seemingly a invitation to a party whose headline is the band “The Telephones”

So – I wish you a great night! See you on my next blog post!

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