My first achievement in quad racing!

Hi Everyone!

So, this super exciting event took place. For the first time, I went to an organized race.

Thank you Coptermonkey.chand for this amazing experience! Thank you Highflyer for taking me with you =)!

Everyone was super nice, people were happy and we had a lot of stuff to exchange. Many ideas came out of this event and I have experienced a whole new facet of this new sport.

I apologize in advance for the wall of text! =)

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Graupner GR-16: Removal of the casing

Hey Racers!

Naturally, you want your racer as light as possible, as compact as possible and remove all “useless” weight. I use a Graupner radio which has SumD (Similar to sbus) and meets all my requirements. I like the higher build quality of a Graupner radio in comparison to the most common used in the Racing scene, the Frsky Taranis.

The Reciever for the Grauper radio I use is a GR-16. It’s one of the smaller ones, but I really wanted to make it use even less space. I searched online for help about removing the casing which was sadly fruitless so I decided to do an adventure on my own.

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